Our Story

Our Story:

 Evil Road Spirits! They love to ride, but they can't stand bells. Road spirits can't live in the presence of a bell, the constant ringing drives them insane, they lose their grip and they fall to the road. (Have you ever wondered how potholes are formed?) Anyway the bell has served its purpose. If you've picked up a bell on your own, the magic will work. But if your bell was given to you, the power has been doubled, and you know that somewhere you have a special friend helping to look after you.

When placing a Ride Bell® on your bike, the closer to the ground the better. Usually the lower part of the frame is good. Don't give those little critters a chance to get on board. Not all Ride Bells® are created equal. Ride Bells® manufactured by us are hand-crafted.

Some other Bell Stories

 1....Traditionally motorcycle riders have given each other a bell as a symbol of friendship and respect.

2....One traditional application of motorcycle bells has been as a commemoration to a fallen friend. A bell is hung from the lift side of the swing arm of the motorcycle. Each time the bike is cleaned, and the biker is bending down to polish the bell, they are reminded of their lost friend.

3...There are many variations of the ride bell legend, and almost as many ways to tell it as there are bikers to tell the tale. Like many other time honored stories of past, in the beginning it was passed on through word of mouth, from one biker to the next.

4....Bell will work on anything from a bicycle to an airplane (remember the Twilight Zone)

In a way, this story is just like any true biker, if doesn't matter how you dress it, the core of the story remains. Protection is offered in the generosity of friends or in random acts of brotherhood along the road. The spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood between bikers is what the ride bell encompasses.

A few other facts that I've heard

1....In the olden days long before cars or motorcycle man traveled with ox and cart. They would have a string of bells on their cart. When they broke down a passing ox cart would stop and help (just like bikers use to do). When they were done the person whom needed help would offer the other cart heir choice of a bell. That is where the saying came from "you came home with all your bells".

2....The story also states that if you lose your bell it has severed it's purpose (meaning it stopped a gremlin) and you should not go back and look for it.

3....Yes you may have more than one bell, do you have more than one friend and do you need more luck....

Trucker bells

1....Cattle truck driver's use a cow bells so the cow hears it and feels a little fafer which lead into all truckers use them for the same reason bikers did.

2....A truck driver would hang a Trucker Bell inside the cab of their truck to keep the evil spirits out of the truck.


Many people have tried to copy us with Gremlin Bell, Sprit Bells and Guardian Bell. There is only one original RIDE BELL® made, none hold up or look as nice as ours do. Our bells kill more road demons then all the others combined.